Exploratory interview
What; As; Difficulties; Needs; Importance.

Period of two months
Collection and documentation of data.

Operations, Sales, Collection, Attendance, Quality, Catalog, Relationship, Financial, Administrative and Commercial.
After some prototypes...
We arrived at the ideal model, simpler flows, guaranteeing the performance and cost reduction of the company.
Understanding the relationship of each of the 150 employees with the system, a new structure was proposed, with a modern and refreshed interface.
All flows and areas involved were mapped and separated into new modules, reducing the volume of unnecessary interactions between teams and eliminating flows that no longer served the business model of the company.
Restricted dashboard by user groups.
Billing preview and forecast reports.
For 20 years all vendors received their performance reports a few days before the end of the month because the report was done manually and emailed to an excel spreadsheet. 
Understand the main needs of users and applications in a responsive interface, with real-time updating and on.
Automated analysis of new registrations and announcements
Integration with different applications to validate the integrity of new records.

The validation of the new registrations of the site needed several consultations in different sites, like the Internal Revenue Service, City Hall, Serasa, etc.

Integration with all systems, and reduced data analysis time from 6min to 40sec. High-performance gains in the team, and increased response time for new customers.
Analysis process reduced to a single interface.
New options for the sales team that only works with the exchange of emails (which caused many errors).
New options for the sales team that only works with the exchange of emails (which caused many errors).

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