Calhau Social
About the project
I received an invitation in 2016 to design an online advertising platform for non-profit organizations.

Our startup owns three very important prizes, and have delivered more than 10.000.000 banners views at big websites and mobile apps for more than 400 NGOs.
My role
Co-Founder and CPO.
The solution design
We've created a solution to help NGOs to do digital advertising for free.
As communcation design it was designed to focus on the benefits along with the clarification of that anyone can do digital advertising regardless your technical knowldge.
Simplified dashboard
Showing the value of each campaing without using of jargon words.
Programatic Media & Analytics
Besides the complex names behind the platform, the interfaces were designed to provide simple and clear self-campaign management for all the NGOs connected to the Calhau Social.
Programa Makers 2016
We won a R$ 50.000,00 prize in a startup competition for innovation and solution for a social issue.
Prêmio Brasil Criativo 2016
We won a prize in the category of publications and digital media.
We have helped 500+ NGOs to get visibility on several big websites from Brazil, with more than 651.374.998 page views.

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